Jonathan Portanova, Candidate for Stamford CT Board of Representatives, District 13

Jonathan Portanova for Board of Reps.

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Putting My Experience
to Work

    My experience working in my family's construction business taught me the knowledge of underground utilities (such as water, gas, sewage, and electric), storm drainage systems, pavements, sidewalks, and the difference in property zones. In addition, I am also employed at Underground Fitness as a manager with responsibility in sales, customer services, training & managing fellow co-workers, Human Resources and Budgeting. I understand the struggle that small businesses face in the city of Stamford and will focus on improving and promoting a friendly small businesses environment.  

       Furthermore, I have experience serving on committees for nonprofits and political organizations such as the Knights of Columbus and the Republican Town Committee. For the Knights of Columbus, my responsibility is running their social media pages and serving as a chairman for their committee. My role on the Executive Committee consisted of advising the Grand Knight with fundraisers, recruitment and giving donations. As a Knight, it's our honor to collect and raise funds for individuals with intellectual disabilities, to volunteer within those communities, and to provide opportunities for children. Within the Republican Town Committee, I have volunteered for a number of campaigns and committees: serving on outreach, event planning, and youth committee. In addition, I served as the Field Director during the 2018 State Senate campaign, recruiting volunteers and organizing canvas.

    My academic experience has taught me to adopt a universal perspective when it comes to making decisions. I examine both sides and will try to compromise to get a viable outcome. I hold a degree in Political Science, so I understand human behavior and ideology and how that applies in politics. Furthermore, I carry additional knowledge in Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Businesses Management, and Education. As your Representative, I will stay connected and work with all residents in our district. I will be transparent to fulfil the decision making progress, which will be done in a bipartisan manner to achieve the best outcome. I will work within our community to help educate and promote comfortable and affordable opportunities for our residents.


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